Paul Laslett


Howdy, I’m Paul - I guess I am Mr Brightside! I set up BrightsidePT with the goal of creating a community of people with similar ethics and goals. I wanted to create a safe, friendly and fun environment for those who have struggled to see progress and who have been scared off of the mainstream gyms! I used to be a full time 800m athlete which was a fun and varied life. I also studied biomechanics at university and am a very social being! 

I love seeing all our clients change their lives. It is truly is a lot of fun to be involved with. One of my goals was to create an atmosphere in all our studios that was inviting and gave you as the client a positive energy. I get very excited very quickly with new ideas of how we can help our clients. I truly love the business and everyone who comes through the door is part of our special community. 

My biggest weakness is Haribo. Even writing the word makes me want to head down to the local shop and grab several bags!

Alex Yates

HQ Studio Manager

I'm Alex the HQ Studio Manager and Trainer. I initially moved to Southampton to study at university and received a degree in Sport and Nutrition Science. I joined BrightsidePT in the early days and have helped to build the business into what it is today.

I focus on strength and conditioning and nutrition to make sure our clients get the most out of their journey with us. I love seeing clients achieve their goals and this really motivates me to continue to learn.

My biggest weakness is probably my love for socialising (the odd beer here and there) and a cheeky cheesecake.  

Mat Jones

Group Training Manager - HQ 

Hi I'm Mat, I'm one of the trainers at Brightside. I moved down to Southampton from North Wales 5 years ago and have been here at Brightside ever since.

I've been working as a personal trainer for 20 years and still enjoy it now as much as I did back then. My favourite things in the world are my wife and two daughters, I also like to play squash and follow rugby in my down time, also hitting the gym whenever possible.

I have OCD so I like things to be perfect and my pet hates are my wife always being right!

Eliza Thomson

Novotel Studio Manager

Managing the Novotel Studio is a pleasure. The perfect environment for clients to exercise in a private space and have some “me time”.

We work hard, we challenge ourselves, we laugh and I give clients a space to vent as we put the world to right! It’s not just the 1 hour of exercise. The support and friendship built in and outside the gym I hope helps them in many ways.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 9 years (8 years with Brightside) and also have a BSc & MSc in Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning.

No-one is perfect, everyone is on their own journey, which is exciting whatever level you begin at. The greatest joy from my job is watching my clients evolve and grow physically and mentally and myself learning from them too.

I look forward to meeting you.



Hi I am Dave, I have been with the team here at Brightside for 6 years. My calm and steady approach really helps clients feel at ease. Seeing a client struggling to walk up the stairs to seeing them being able to run 5k, or simply move more without getting tired. 

I like to challenge myself, and "enjoy" running and playing football. 

I look forward to seeing you soon. 


Marie Droniou-Bordry

Hi, I'm Marie, proud to be part of the training team at BrightsidePT. I train clients at HQ, Novotel and occasionally Whiteley. 

I absolutely LOVE my job and wake up every day with a spring in my step, knowing I'm going to make a difference! 

I'm also a very keen runner: if you start talking about running with me, I can get carried away! I also enjoy strength and conditioning but equally love all the variety of goals my clients have. I take pride in helping and supporting them all.

I'm a very active mum and wife who loves food (almost as much as running!) with a shameless weakness for cakes (especially the ones I bake) and chocolate (I need my daily fix).

Looking forward to meeting you!

Jack Goddard

Whiteley Studio Manager

I became a Personal Trainer because I have always been passionate about sport, health and fitness. It became apparent to me that there are a lot of people that I could help with finding an enjoyable way to keep fit and healthy. So that's what I decided to do! When I'm not training our clients and helping them achieve their goals I like to socialise with friends, travel and explore new places, I have recently taken up boxing to keep me motivated and focused with my own training. 

Last but not least I also love eating pizza, which is my weakness! But hey everything is ok in moderation.

Heather Douglas

Hi I’m Heather and I work at the Whiteley studio. My career as a Personal Trainer began in 2000 and I’ve never looked back! 

Health and fitness has always been a passion of mine, starting with swimming and the 100m sprint then rowing. Rowing then became my main focus for 14 years. Now as a mum I use any spare time, space and equipment to complete imaginative workouts at home.

I’m very friendly and approachable and enjoys building long term relationships with her clients. I specialise in core stability training which improves posture, balance, muscle tone, flexibility and injury recovery. Clients can expect to see and feel results within a few weeks and I’ll keep your motivation high during and after your sessions. 

James Lee

Hi, I'm James! 
I've been a trainer here at BrightsidePT since December 2020 and time has flown by so quickly. Which must mean I'm enjoying it here! 
My favourite things about working here are getting to know clients and seeing their progression in mobility and strength over the weeks and months. 
I have always had an active lifestyle and trained in many disciplines and sports from a young age such as tennis, dance, judo and my latest interest which is bouldering! 
In my time off I'm a keen photographer which gets me out of the house and off the beaten track to find the next great location to shoot.
I also love to cook and try new recipes which stems from a 6 year stint as a chef working in restaurants, bars and pubs.
However I wish I loved the washing up afterwards just as much!


Aaron Wass 

Hi I’m Aaron, since a young age I’ve been interested in Martial Arts, I guess I kind of got hooked by watching Bruce Lee movies with my dad, I’ve trained in a few different styles, namely Karate, Chinese Kickboxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and a little bit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. I’ve always been into playing sports such as football and generally running around burning loads of energy!

Whilst in the Navy I developed elite level cleaning and ironing skills, saw a bit of the world and found a love for running assault courses and pushing physical limits.

I’ve spent 11 years helping Naval personnel to develop their skills and really progress, now I’m hoping to do the same with our clients!

P.S I love potatoes - they're my weakness!


Molly The Dog, Mascott

Brightside wouldn't be quite so bright without Molly. She is a ray of sunshine to all that visit the main studio. 

Her main duties are sleeping, sniffing, drinking water and the occasional walk! Her weaknesses include stealing biscuits from children.


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