Su is in her late 60s and is stronger now than 10 years ago

Many of our clients come to us so they age slower! Quality of life and longevity are why Sue keeps coming back.


Jon is coming up to 70 years young

Jon has trained with us since he was in his late 50s, he is now more mobile, fitter and stronger.


Harriet lost 7 stone!

Harriet was looking to transform her life, but was worried about losing weight she could not keep off. See how we helped her.


James talks about how Brightside has saved his life.

Listen to James story and why his friends thought he would not be here today. But with our help he is fitter and healthier now than he was 10 years ago.


Pete talks about dropping 5 stone and how Brightside has changed his life.

Being part of the Brightside family has changed Petes life.


Listen to Chris's story. The support we have given her and her new found confidence.

Being part of the Brightside family has given Chris a new lease of life!


Most clients drop at least a dress size or belt buckle in their first 30 days. 

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