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Smash your PB with the Breaking 30 Mastery Program for less than £5.00 a week.  

JUST 19.50 A MONTH (Less than the cost of two coffees a week) 

14 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so there is zero risk for you! 

If you do not like the coaching or its not for you then let us know and we will refund you. 


Easy to follow program, with everything laid for you each day. You will know exactly how far or short to run, how fast or slow and how to fit this in around everyday life! 

We have done the hard work so you just need to run and enjoy it! 

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(Just 65p a day for expert coaching) 

Hi, I'm Paul! Thank you for taking some time out to be here! Maybe you have just completed the C25K program or are in the process of doing this? Maybe you have been running for ages and you have not seen any improvements for a long time? I understand how this can affect your love for running and your motivation.

Did you know running at the same pace all the time is the most common cause of repetitive muscle use injury? It is also the worst way to improve your time. Our course will show you how to train in the most effective way to improve your running times. We have a 100% record of clients in our running mastery course who have significantly improved their time while staying injury free. 


What you will get from the mastery coaching online programme:

- A specific structure to follow that has worked for hundreds of other runners just like you. 

- You will learn what speeds to run at. Each run will have a purpose and will give your training a whole new and enjoyable dimension!

- Everything is laid out for you in a dedicated app and you do new things each week, building on previous weeks. This will help you improve your form and speed, while keeping you interested.

- You will never be left to your own devices. The Brightside Team are here for you in our private Facebook member group, where the community support is just incredible.

- You get access to weekly live Q&A, monthly live with a special guest, monthly live mobility session.

- You get 14 days refund guarantee if this isn't for you.

- After that, you can leave at any time by giving us 30 day notice.

- And finally, you get 50% off EVERY month you are in the coaching program. 

If you want to make running fun and get results without having to think about it, then this is for you!


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➡️ If you have been stuck on the same time and not sure how to make safe progress 

➡️ You want to run faster and feel lighter on your feet 

➡️ Want first class help and advice every step of the way

➡️  Most importantly want to have fun and and find a new found love for running again! 


Breaking 30 Mastery - 50% off every month
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  1. Getting you light on your feet, following our flying method. Using all the drills the pros use but nobody teaches to the masses. (Follow our course online worth £147)
  2. The mobility work that will reduce injuries and increase your stride length (worth £30)
  3. Knowing the specific speeds to run at to maximise every session using our running faster formula, sessions sent to you each week with a video talking you through each session. (worth £99)
  4. Coaching calls and Q and A so you have all your running questions answered by the team here. (worth £199)
  5. We will work on building your confidence in your own running ability so you can run times you never thought was possible.
  6. Support from other runners just like you in a private FB group
  7. Analysis of your running form and drills each month.
  8. Access the program and coaching through our own app.
  9.  Daily coaching thread in our private group.
  10.  Expert interviews including a 90 minute masterclass from London 2012 Olympian ChrisThompson.  (This was awesome to hear about what it was like to be in the same race as Mo on super Saturday) 


 Total value each month is many ££££ you will get all the above and few more bonuses for just £19.50 PCM.!! 

Enter the code ILOVERUNNING on checkout to get 50% off every month you are in the program.

Just £19.50, that is the cost of two coffees a week!

If this is not for you then let us know within 14 days and we will refund your money. 


Breaking 30 Mastery - 50% off EVERY month.
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Breaking 30 Mastery - 50% off every month
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Breaking 30 Mastery - 50% off every month
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