FREE 3 Day Challenge to improve your 5k.

In just three days you could be flying over the ground like a gazelle so you can start to smash those 5k pbs. 

 If you want to rekindle your love affair with running and have your running mates look dumbfounded as you skip past them effortlessly then join the challenge.

Reserve your place on the FREE challenge, starting Monday 17th of January.

FREE challenge with X national athlete Paul Laslett.

The challenge:

Over the 3 days I will set you some simple daily tasks to do. All of which I will give you feedback on to help you. You will discover: 

  • The formula I have used to help runners knock minutes off their best times. 
  • Exactly what speeds to run at and when.
  • How to best structure your training week.
  • Personal help from me each day.
  • Have your running questions answered each day.

 If you want to learn how you can change your running for the better, and run faster safely, then reserve your place. I would love to help you! 

Reserve your space to get full access to the coaching. 

  • Simple daily tasks
  • Coaching templates given out each day
  • Have a simple plan to follow 
  • Get involved and we can have some fun on the way! 


Reserve your place on the Free challenge series starting Monday 17th of January

Free 3 day challenge with x national athlete Paul Laslett.


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