Running clinic

Learn to run safely and efficiently, stay injury free and run faster

National 800m athlete Paul Laslett and his team will help you.

What's involved:

  • We will examine how your body moves and teach you tailored running drills to help you move more efficiently.
  • These drills are used by athletes and assist in re-programming your neuromuscular system, enabling you to run faster for longer without getting injured.
  • We will get you striking in the most efficient and stable position. When you run you are on one leg all the time, so getting stable on each leg is very important.
  • We will make sure that your momentum is taking you forwards and not side to side
  • We will get all your muscles propelling you forwards and ensure that you are light on your feet! This will help reduce the risk of injury and assist in you running faster.
  • We will give you a running training plan that will get you achieving times that you never thought that you could.

Here are some testimonials:

Since using BrightsidePT I have improved my 5k time by over 2 minutes, and have not been injured in the past 12 months!

Having struggled with shin pain, I sought help! Not only am I running pain free but I am running personal bests!

Not having run before I wanted to be sure I was doing things well. I am now safely doing any distance I would like to run! And enjoying every step!

Video testimonial



Running assessment

  • Video analysis
  • Running drills to improve efficiency
  • A full analysis of how your body is working
  • See a difference in your running after just 90 minutes
  • Leave with a tailored programme to suit your running needs.

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