Cycle Coaching

We are normal people just like you, wanting to be fitter, faster and healthier when training for an event or goal. 

With the latest training methods, Brightside can help you improve your cycling performance (hill climbing, speed, endurance) in just a matter of weeks. We always know you are improving with our tests so you can visbily see your improvements instead of relying on guess work. 

For more information on how we have a 100% success rate on improving our clients fitness fill out the form below or contact Dave today on 07816429102.

What we offer

  • Guaranteed Performance increase
  • Visibily see, Monitor and measure your progression
  • Various packages that suit your goals, timeline and budget
  • Functional Threshold Power testing (fancy words for a fitness test!) 
  • Perfect for any ability from beginners to elite athletes
  • Can train individually or in groups at a time that suits you best
  • Minimise the time you need to train (long base miles are a thing of the past)
  • Use your own bike for comfort and specificity

"I have been indoor bike training at Brightside gym for 10 weeks. My bike fitness has improved immensely, after 5 weeks my FTP scores were already significantly higher. I would definitely recommend Graham and Brightside to anyone." - Lucy Tilley

What you will see

  • Guaranteed to enjoy your cycling more
  • Guaranteed increase in your Stamina, Speed and Strength
  • Get up hills easier, faster and less out of breath
  • Stay motivated
  • Burn over 500 calories in an hour
  • Gain consistency in your training
  • Become cycling fit for challenges, sportives or triathlons
  • Lose Weight

"What I get here is far more measured. My power levels are set and I work to those power levels so I can see whether I am at 80% or 100% of my threshold. That way it is easier to see what I am achieving rather than pedalling aimlessly. - Andy Hughes

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