How to lose 4 stone in 2018

Posted Mon, 22nd Jan 2018 by Paul Laslett

In this blog, Jack will share the story of Denise, a client at our Whiteley Studio. He’ll share the key factors that helped her lose 4 stone, how our setup works and you will hear Denise’s honest thoughts on the whole process. ... Read more

Brightside's 21 Day Advent Challenge

Posted Wed, 10th Jan 2018 by Eliza Thomson

Check out the results form our 21 Day Advent Challenge... " Most controlled December yet!! " ... Read more

Increased energy, happier and more self-confident!

Posted Thu, 14th Jul 2016 by Paul Laslett

Many of our clients come to us feeling unfit but quickly find themselves feeling well, more energised and active, as well as lighter and more toned. When Jason first came to Brightside he worried he was “so unfit it was going to be embarrassing” and wondered if it would actually make a difference or if he would enjoy it. Luckily he found out we’re not so bad and he even enjoyed the sessions. ... Read more

The first step to a healthier you!

Posted Mon, 4th Apr 2016 by Paul Laslett

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Happier, Slimmer, Fitter

Posted Mon, 4th Apr 2016 by Paul Laslett

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Calmer, happier and more confident!

Posted Mon, 24th Aug 2015 by Paul Laslett

Would you like to feel "calmer, happier and more confident"? Jonathan's hard work at Brightside has paid off and he has not only seen great results in terms of his body shape but also some unexpected additional benefits too. ... Read more

How do you lose those stubborn few pounds?

Posted Mon, 3rd Aug 2015 by Paul Laslett

Personal training at Brightside is not just for those who need to lose a lot of weight. When Stephanie started at Brightside, she did not have a lot to lose, though had been trying to shift some stubborn pounds for a long time alone through diet and exercise. Her determination and hard work at Brightside has helped her lose inches and feel so much better about her shape. ... Read more

How has Dave increased energy levels and lost 16 kilos?

Posted Mon, 3rd Aug 2015 by Paul Laslett

When David started at Brightside he knew he would see quick results but didn’t think he would see as much change as he has over four weeks. ... Read more

Half way through her transformation program!

Posted Tue, 16th Jun 2015 by Paul Laslett

Sharon has put into action what she wanted! Getting some help, is helping her stay motivated and seeing the results that she wanted ... Read more

Six Weeks and 30 minutes faster!

Posted Thu, 11th Jun 2015 by Graham Dawson

Pete was just a regular cyclist. He would head out and do the same rides at the same pace and wasn't seeing any progression and all Pete wanted was to be faster, but he didn't know where to start... ... Read more