Four things you need to do to run faster

Posted Sat, 22nd Oct 2016

Want to Run faster?


Years of experience of coaching and being an ex-national athlete have taught me that there are four things that you need to have in place to get faster and stay injury free. 

So many runners that I talk to just run at one speed all the time and do not really have any structure to what they are doing.  


But if you have a specific target you want to work towards then having a structure behind what you do is important. It is important for many reasons. Having a structure gives you purpose and you will be able to see progression - both very motivating factors on cold winters days! 


You need your structure to consist of a few things:

  • Running at the speed you want to race at
  • Running at a speed much slower than the speed you want to race at for recovery (usually at least 2 minutes a mile slower) 
  • Running faster than the speed you want to race at. 
  • Running at a combination of these speeds in a session
  • Technique work and strength work 

I talk about the four things you need in a lot more depth in the video. So watch away!


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Happy running!

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