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Posted Mon, 4th Apr 2016

At Brightside we believe that the right kind of exercise and the right kind of food can make life, in general, a whole lot better. We love getting feedback that clients are feeling happier, healthier, more energetic and able to keep up with their kids for once!

We know that sometimes it might seem as if starting a new exercise and healthier eating regime looks almost impossible. That things can feel almost too far gone to turn it around. It takes a brave first step and at Brightside we are so impressed by our clients who have done that. Ben was one of these clients - he felt his weight ‘had got out of control’ and ‘exercise was approaching near impossible without professional help’. He came to Brightside with a couple of reservations:

Ridicule from the trainers about the state my body was in.

Being pushed to exercise beyond my capabilities.

Ben’s not the first or last to come into a new exercise regime with those kinds of reservations - the image of a Personal Trainer can be quite a scary, shouty one and this is something we will continue to work hard to dispel. Because, in reality, we’re on your side. Clients like Ben have impressed us all with their commitment to take that first step into a lifestyle change and we’re immensely proud of what he has achieved.

Ben has not only achieved incredible weight loss but other areas of his life have also been positively impacted:

I didn’t expect the fitness and strength to come on so much and I certainly didn’t expect my collection of grumbling medical issues to start resolving the way they did (that’s hypertension, pre-diabetes, acid reflux, arthritic joints etc). I’m able to work additional hours now I’m feeling less knackered. I’m running around wearing out the kids now, rather than the other way around. I also feel my relationship with food is much more controlled and balanced. I’m capable of more than I thought.

The team are friendly and fun, but also knowledgeable and concerned with the wider aspects of a healthy lifestyle and helping you achieve and sustain it.

As Ben says, ‘it does not get any easier, not getting round to starting’ and he has shown just what can be achieved by taking that first step to a healthier lifestyle. If you’re feeling things have got out of control, we can help. All it takes is that first step: make contact with us.


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