Do you want to increase your energy?

Posted Thu, 11th May 2017

The Key to keeping energy levels up and avoiding the dreaded afternoon slump is ensuring your blood sugar levels are balanced throughout the day.
Spikes in blood sugar will lead to fatigue, weight gain and lack of concentration. (sad face)!
Some food groups are very good at keeping blood sugar stable while some have the complete opposite effect. (probably the ones you automatically reach for)!
The worst foods we consume that cause spikes in our blood stream are known as simple carbohydrates such as sugar that can be in the form of biscuits, cakes and sweets etc... Slightly more complex carbs such as white pasta, rice, bread (know as refined carbs) have the same effect but at a slightly slower rate.
When carbs are concerned the best type to eat would be complex carbs (slow releasing) such as whole grains, brown pasta, brown rice etc. This will release glucose into the blood stream at a much slower rate which will mean no insulin spikes and better energy levels.
Carbs are your go to energy food group so ensuring you get enough through the day is key! (no carb free diets here) 
Ensure to get a good portion of protein in each meal and load your plate with as much green Veg or salad as possible! This is where the bulk of your vitamins and minerals will come from and is far more effective than supplements. 
Eat breakfast!
Breakfast is a must if you want to feel energised all day. Focus on foods which release their energy slowly, such as porridge with nuts and seeds, yoghurt and fruit, or egg dishes like omelettes or scrambled eggs.
Skipping meals or having big gaps can cause the sugar levels to crash and bring on fatigue. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day such as nuts, fruit, oatcakes, veg are all good examples of healthy snacks they have low sugar values and keep the metabolic rate up which in turn can keep your body burning fuels rather than storing as fat. 


Staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects of our day when considering energy. If you dehydrate just 10% you blood thickens which means your blood pressure and heart rate have to increase to push thicker blood around the body. This tires your body out!

Not only that the cells throughout your body start to shrink making it harder to pass vital vitamins and minerals from one cell to another. Try to get a minimum of 2 litres of water in everyday! 
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