A quick video testimonial

Serena started training with us only five weeks ago as she wanted to learn how to run safely.

Through our drills program and strength and conditioning work, she has seen a massive change not only to her running but also cycling and especially when going up hills!

She has now dropped 2 inches and is running faster than ever, it's amazing what can be done with the right training.

Watch out for more success stories over the coming weeks.


Carol five weeks in to training

Carol has been training at brightside for 5 weeks, she has tried using the gym before but found it intimidating and demotivating.

Here is how she has got on so far using BrightsidePT.


4 weeks into his 12 week transformation

Steve has lost an amzing 9kg and 3 inches from his waist just 4 weeks into his body transformation program and tells us about his experience: 

What were your reservations before you came in? 

I didn’t really have any reservations – I knew I wanted to lose weight and feel better about myself; I’ve done gyms and various exercise classes over the years and while they’ve helped I’ve never felt that they really made a big difference.  Saying that the prospect of putting myself in position where my body is going to hurt is not one I’ve ever relished.  As it turned out, while there is an element of discomfort, the rewards have been more than worth anything temporary.

How have you found the training and the team?

The team at Brightside are great; friendly, engaged and they really know their stuff.  I had a bit of (what I would call) “a wobble” after a couple of weeks – I was training hard and following the nutritional advice I’d been given to the letter yet didn’t feel I was making the progress I’d hoped for.  I contacted the team and the support and help I got back was brilliant.  As it was, the results came (and continue to) and my “wobble” was unfounded.

The attention to detail in the training is also very impressive.  I’ve had a couple of tweaks in the muscles in my back and after sharing this with the guys they’ve really looked after me.  I genuinely get the feeling that each of PTs I’m working with really want me to do well.  They are interested in me; how am I doing?; am I enjoying myself?; Is it working for me?  Wonderful.

Because of all of this I’ve signed my 15 year old son up too.  He’s a rugby player who snapped his ACL 18 months ago.  He’s completed the surgery and is physically OK.  He’s working with the team to build up his strength and (importantly) his confidence in his new knee and the rest of his body.  He’s 2 weeks in and is loving it.  He can’t wait for September and the new season.

How is different to the gym? 

Having the 1-2-1 training is significantly different to the gym.  For a start, I don’t have to think about what exercises I’m going to do in any single session – the PT does all the thinking!!  Result!!  Additionally, because they keep great records they make sure that I exercise different muscle groups which means I get a proper “full body” workout.  Personally I also find it very motivating to have someone working with me.  I’m sure there are times that I’ve driven myself a little bit harder than I might have done in the gym simply because I find it less easy to stop when I know someone is watching me, counting my reps and encouraging me to keep going.

The other massive difference is the support I’ve had on the nutritional side.  The training really is a two-part thing; the physical work-out and focus on the food and liquid I’m putting in my body.  I’ve never had that from a gym.

What other things you have done to try to drop weight?

In the past I’ve tried a variety of things; I’ve gone to exercise classes.  I’ve visited the gym.  I’ve  dieted.  While these have had some positive results, they’ve not really delivered as fully as I would have liked.  The combination of exercise, nutritional advice and motivational support I’ve had from the team at Brightside has surpassed everything I’ve done before.  I’ve never liked being on a “diet”.  The regime I’m following now isn’t a diet – I’ve never eaten so much in my life; what it is, is a change in my diet.

Are the results what you expected after 4 weeks into your 12 week program?

After 4 weeks I’ve drop 9 kilos and lost 4 inches off my waist plus 1.5 inches off my chest.  I didn’t know what to expect but these results feel pretty good.  I’m already looking forward to the next 8 weeks and seeing how far I can go.  Interestingly the weight loss and size reduction isn’t the best thing I’ve experienced.  I simply feel so much better.  I’ve much more energy, I’m sleeping much better and my concentration levels have soared.  This has really made a difference at home with the kids and at work.  Superb

What advice would you give someone looking to lose weight?

My advice would be to exercise and change your eating habits.  It’s the combination that works, and works remarkably quickly.  

What have you learned so far?

Exercise is fun and rewarding.  Eating “properly” is easier than I thought – I got some great meal plans and recipes from the team – and, when I compare my overall food bills from before I started and now, actually cheaper.  Yes, I’m spending more on fruit and veg, fish and chicken, but I’m spending a lot less on lunchtime sandwiches, crisps and drinks.

How has it changed your life ?

Its early days and I’m having fun and enjoying myself.  I can’t see me going back to my old way of eating and, now that I’m fitter and stronger, I’m sure I’ll remain much more active than I have been in recent past.  I turned 50 last January and with the changes I’ve made and the help I’ve had I feel on top of the world.  I don’t want that feeling to stop so I’m going to keep up the great work because “I’m worth it”! J

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6 weeks of the body transformation program 10kg off!

Theresa committed to seeing amazing results and is amazed at her progress, losing 9kg on one of our transformation programs.

This is what can be done in just six weeks!

If you want to see how we can help you transform your body, apply for a FREE transformation session worth £99 - APPLY TODAY!


Angie tells us about her experience at Brightside

What were your reservations before you came in?

I was concerned the sessions might be repetitive but was very pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of different (and totally new to me) exercises that we fitted in during each session, which make each session pass very quickly!

How have you found the training and the team?

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions - all the team keep me well motivated throughout each session and I accomplish far more than I ever would on my own as I would never push myself as hard or keep going for as long as they encourage me to.

How is different to the gym?

Each session is completely different and unrepetitive, which keeps every session interesting.  My sessions are always tailored according to how I’m feeling.  I started my sessions at Brightside with a long standing shoulder soreness and Brightside have liaised with my physio to incorporate exercises which help to strengthen the various muscles that have assisted with my recovery and for the first time in a few years my shoulder is no longer painful.

Other things you have done to try to drop weight?  

I’ve tried the 5:2 diet but was not able to sustain this; and I tried just generally cutting down but, again, that was difficult to maintain for long enough to see a difference.

Are the results what you expected?  

The results are even better than I had hoped for and have motivated me to keep going.

What advice would you give someone looking to lose weight?

Set yourself a realistic goal, ie a particular event you want to attend or holiday you are planning - but try to give yourself enough time (at least a month, preferably two - but any length of time is better than none!).  Then, bearing in mind it’s for a set time, stick as closely to whatever plan you decide to follow.  Don’t weigh yourself more frequently than weekly or, preferably fortnightly.   Keep to your Brightside session/s and you’ll definitely achieve results.  Remember that nothing tastes as good as slimmer and fitter feels!

What have you learned?

I do have willpower and the results are proof that sticking to something properly really works.

How has it changed your life?

My confidence and self-esteem are considerably improved - plus my clothes feel comfortable again!

If you want to see how we can help you transform your body, apply for a FREE transformation session worth £99 - APPLY TODAY!


Six Weeks and 30 minutes faster!

Pete was just a regular cyclist. He would head out and do the same rides at the same pace and wasn't seeing any progression and all Pete wanted was to be faster, but he didn't know where to start.

After doing a fitness test, working out his goals and understanding Pete's timeline, we developed a six week package, coming in 3-4 times a week.

The results Pete saw were staggering. Within only 4 weeks, he felt like he could push harder, so we tested him with our FTP test. Pete had improved his Power by 13% and his Power to weight ratio by 10%! He was lighter, faster and more efficient.

Pete just completed the Dragon Ride in Wales. 140 miles of hard hill climbing. He averaged 1mph faster and beat his time by almost 30 minutes!!!

If you want to see true, visible results make sure you sign up for one of our packages today.

Spending less time on the bike and still becoming faster... that's why Pete comes to Brightside.

Book an appointment or call 07791060451. See you on the Brightside


Half way through her transformation program!

Sharon knew that if she ate clean and exercised that she would see the results that she wanted. But she also knew that she needed "a little push":

"I needed someone to give me a little push, my only reservation before coming into Brightside was if I would hit my goal in the timescale that I wanted, We are half way through and and that reserervation has now gone"! 

We are very different from a typical gym here at Brightside, Sharon finds having someone there explaining and making sure she is getting the most from each exercise makes a huge differnence for her. 

What advice would Sharon give anyone looking to lose weight? 

"Sign yourself up to Brightside! They know what they are doing, and it will certainly help you achieve your goals. It may well be the push that you need

So if you need some help, and support and that push to get you started:

APPLY today for one of our life changing transformation sessions


How has Dave increased energy levels and lost 16 kilos?


When David started at Brightside he knew he would see quick results but didn’t think he would see as much change as he has over four weeks. He has found that the right training, guidance and discipline can help you change for the better:

I have more energy, am happier, more self confident, less self conscious, more motivated and have better discipline.

At Brightside we put in the work and planning so our clients can show up and enjoy a planned and tailored workout. David has found training at Brightside to be very different to training alone at a membership gym:

I guess it is different from the gym as it is not as crowded for one, All your sessions are planned in detail to provide a full body work, you have the coaching from your trainer to make sure you are doing the exercise properly, you have little time to be lazy between exercises and everyone has a common shared goal. I have found every one I have worked with to be knowledgeable, professional, friendly and provide real encouragement during the sessions.

What advice would David have for anyone looking to get in shape?

My advice would be to come and work with you guys (at Brightside).

If you’re going to a gym but not seeing the results you want - come and see us at Brightside!



How do you lose those stubborn few pounds?

Personal training at Brightside is not just for those who need to lose a lot of weight. Plenty of clients are in pretty good shape when they start with us - they may just have a stubborn few pounds that they can’t seem to shift or are just looking for a bit more tone. Exercise and healthy eating has so many benefits beyond weight loss: increased energy levels, better skin and a more toned shape to name a few.  When Stephanie started at Brightside, she did not have a lot to lose, though had been trying to shift some stubborn pounds for a long time alone through diet and exercise.


Stephanie chose to sign up for our semi-private sessions and has found she prefers this to 1-1 training:


I like the small groups, it's great seeing others achieve their goals too. Am absolutely loving the training, even though it is really tough, it's only for an hour and I'm paying for it so might as well give it my best! It's nice knowing everyone there is going for the same reason rather than a social club (which some gyms are), and there aren't any posers - everyone’s too busy working hard!


Though Stephanie did not have stones to lose, she has worked hard and seen steady weight loss of 5 kilos over 5 weeks. Stephanie has also lost 4 inches, gained strength and is feeling much better about her figure. Stephanie has found the training more intense than previous workouts at the gym. She’s also really enjoying the sessions and her time with our trainers:


Have found the team really friendly and approachable.They all give good advice too. Really good not knowing what I'm going to be doing from one minute to the next (no time to panic ha ha).


Stephanie’s hard work, determination and clean diet has helped her start to shift those stubborn few pounds - which is often the hardest weight to lose!


If you’re like Stephanie and have little weight to lose, we can help rid those few pounds but also work on increasing strength and tone so you feel so much more confident about your figure! Whether you want to lose stones or pounds, we can help you get in great shape!






Calmer, happier and more confident!


“Calmer, happier, and more confident!”

Is this how you would like to feel? Jonathan came to Brightside for the same reason as many of our clients - to lose weight, tone up and get fit. While, as he expected, he has seen results in line with this in terms of fat loss and fitness, he was not expecting the additional benefits that come with exercising and eating well:

“The effect on personality and sleep was not something I expected when cutting out fizzy drinks, coffee etc.  Concentration and mood have improved.”

Exercise can have so many benefits beyond fitness. Our clients have reported benefits ranging from reduced stress to increased workplace productivity due to better concentration and energy levels.

Jonathan had tried other approaches to lose weight in the past that had not worked, including the gym and dieting:

“(I had tried) different diets, often taking in far too few calories. I had suffered from the same tailored programme at a gym that everyone else gets when they go through the safety induction”

Efficient and correct exercise, alongside eating well, has seen Jonathan make some impressive changes, including losing 4.5 inches off his waist, 3 inches off his chest and 6 kilos in weight in just 4 weeks. At Brightside, we do not promote fad dieting or calorie counting, just clean eating to help our clients look and feel a whole lot better!

After 4 weeks at Brightside Jonathan has not only started to transform his body but has seen the added bonus of a significant improvement in his well-being! So if you have trouble sleeping, would like to feel less stressed or more confident like Jonathan apply now for a free Transformation session with BrightsidePT!

Apply today!





Happier, Slimmer, Fitter

Happier, slimmer, fitter

This is just a few words a client has used to describe the way she feels after training at Brightside. We are over the moon when a client reports that a healthier lifestyle has not only changed the way they look, but also how they feel. Exercise can make us feel happier, not only with our appearance, but also with life in general.

And when a client achieves their goals, we are just as happy as they are. Training at Brightside makes you part of our team - and you no longer have to go it alone, making getting in shape so much easier. Carol has been with us for seven months and has made some awesome achievements, exceeding her expectations:

The results are better than I expected. I didn’t think I would run again or become as strong as I feel right now. The team are great, each one is knowledgeable, and great at delivering interesting exercises with just the right amount of challenge.  I have been amazed looking back over the last 7 months, how strong I have become.

I love the banter at Brightside, whereas at the gym people don't speak, laugh or encourage you. That is the main reason I would recommend Brightside, the team always say hello when you arrive, and goodbye even if they are not taking your sessions.  Little things like that make you feel welcome and part of a club.

Food is my downfall, but the meal plan is the best I have ever tried, and even my husband eats from it.  I have tried many diets and diet groups before.  But you just sit down for an hour there and fixate on food!  Here at Brightside everyone encourages us to make healthier and tastier choices.

I have learn't that it is a lifestyle change I can really enjoy and want to maintain it. I’m happier, slimmer, fitter and I really enjoy my training days.

This is why we think you should say goodbye to big-box, corporate membership gyms. When you join Brightside, your goals become our goals - and we ensure you reach them! We also don’t encourage calorie counting here - just fresh, clean and healthy choices.

If you would like to join our club at Brightside, simply click the link and fill out your details and we will be in touch ASAP!


JUST CLICK THE LINK and we will be in touch ASAP.. 




*Results may vary. Adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.






The first step to a healthier you!

At Brightside we believe that the right kind of exercise and the right kind of food can make life, in general, a whole lot better. We love getting feedback that clients are feeling happier, healthier, more energetic and able to keep up with their kids for once!

We know that sometimes it might seem as if starting a new exercise and healthier eating regime looks almost impossible. That things can feel almost too far gone to turn it around. It takes a brave first step and at Brightside we are so impressed by our clients who have done that. Ben was one of these clients - he felt his weight ‘had got out of control’ and ‘exercise was approaching near impossible without professional help’. He came to Brightside with a couple of reservations:

Ridicule from the trainers about the state my body was in.

Being pushed to exercise beyond my capabilities.

Ben’s not the first or last to come into a new exercise regime with those kinds of reservations - the image of a Personal Trainer can be quite a scary, shouty one and this is something we will continue to work hard to dispel. Because, in reality, we’re on your side. Clients like Ben have impressed us all with their commitment to take that first step into a lifestyle change and we’re immensely proud of what he has achieved.

Ben has not only achieved incredible weight loss but other areas of his life have also been positively impacted:

I didn’t expect the fitness and strength to come on so much and I certainly didn’t expect my collection of grumbling medical issues to start resolving the way they did (that’s hypertension, pre-diabetes, acid reflux, arthritic joints etc). I’m able to work additional hours now I’m feeling less knackered. I’m running around wearing out the kids now, rather than the other way around. I also feel my relationship with food is much more controlled and balanced. I’m capable of more than I thought.

The team are friendly and fun, but also knowledgeable and concerned with the wider aspects of a healthy lifestyle and helping you achieve and sustain it.

As Ben says, ‘it does not get any easier, not getting round to starting’ and he has shown just what can be achieved by taking that first step to a healthier lifestyle. If you’re feeling things have got out of control, we can help. All it takes is that first step: make contact with us.


Start how Ben did with your FREE transformation session; 


We only do a limited number of these a month so don't put it off any longer! 




Just get in touch and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

*Results may vary. Adherence to our nutrition and exercise guides is required for best results.






Increased energy, happier and more self-confident!

When Jason first came to Brightside he worried he was “so unfit it was going to be embarrassing” and wondered if it would actually make a difference or if he would enjoy it. Luckily he found out we’re not so bad and he even enjoyed the sessions:

Training is hard work but ultimately enjoyable. The support of the team always make it feel, just, achievable. with the right balance of challenge and motivation. On top of that you're a nice bunch of people :)

Having someone knowledgeable supporting and motivating you is a huge benefit. Also the fact the sessions are structured to your level of fitness and what you need to do to improve by people who know what they are doing (as opposed to just going to a gym and doing what you think is right) makes a massive difference.

If you’re short on time, it’s even more important that time spent exercising is as efficient and effective as possible. We are here to ensure you get the results you want and that your time isn’t wasted. As Jason says:

The right nutritional advice combined with structured exercise is key. Get advice from people who know what they are doing .. And just do it, once you start you feel so much better, mentally and physically ..

Jason has done amazingly well at Brightside and we are proud of his brilliant results - including losing 10 kgs in 8 weeks. The great news is that it has impacted on other parts of his life too. Jason is not only looking great, but also feeling better - happier and more confident:

I'm a lot more energetic and active, a great benefit is playing with the kids without getting breathless. It's completely changed the way we look at food and the way we eat; when, how and what. Its also changed the way I look at exercise,  I now look forward to it. Finally I'm also a lot happier and more self confident in myself.

Taking the time to get yourself healthy, fitter and stronger is not just about how you look. It’s an investment into all areas of your life - your work, family and your own self-worth. When you’re leading a busy life, that’s more important than ever.

If you can commit to just 2-3 hours a week, we can make sure you not only lose weight if needed but you also have more energy and health to deal better with all aspect of life.

If you’re feeling the effects of a busy lifestyle on your own health, we are offering a free transformation session. In just one hour we can set you up with a plan to feel fitter, lighter and more energised.





Brightside's 21 Day Advent Challenge

How do you keep yourself motivated over Christmas to not pick at all the chocolates and mince pies in the office!

The social events… the drinking… it’s hard to dodge it!

Everybody loves a challenge.. And that’s exactly what we gave our clients at Brightside…


37 took up the challenge to keep off the weight over the Christmas period..

The main focus of December was

  • Don’t let it all go in the last few weeks of the year ( Jan is already hard enough! ) Control what you can control! Planning the meals you are not in control with.Short home exercise every day.
  • Private Facebook group for everyone to have support... banter and accountability!


The 21 Day Advent Challenge did just that…

  • Accountability from the group, all sticking together each day..
  • Support and praise on results and fun and laugher from the slip ups!
  • Keeping exercise fun, staying on-track until Christmas Day to feel like you have achieved and stuck through that tough month of temptations!



Missed out a want a challenge for yourself.... ?

** 14 Day Accelerator Challenge will be launching end of January..**

Watch this space!

“ My first controlled December! “

Tash Hulme.

“I’ve found the Brightside 21 day advent challenge great fun.

The daily challenges have helped me achieve my goal of not adding any weight (or inches) as I’ve enjoyed the normal treats this time of the year brings.

Knowing that I’m doing a little bit of exercise every day has been more than enough to compensate any feelings of guilt I’ve previously experienced after that extra mince pie.

I’ve also really enjoyed the camaraderie of the others on the Facebook group.”

Steve Tedford


How to lose 4 stone in 2018

In this blog Jack will share the story of Denise, a client at our Whiteley Studio. He’ll share the key factors that helped her lose 4 stone, how our setup works and you will hear Denise’s honest thoughts on the whole process.

Denise plucked up the courage to ask us for help in April 2017. She had tried other gyms, classes and trainers but did not particularly get on with any of them. In many ways this was one last go at trying to find the help she knew she needed.  In her first session we sat down and had a chat about why she felt she needed more help, what she needed the most help with and we also set some targeted goals that would help with motivation. From our first conversation we realised she needed a home plan, some consistency with exercise and to make some tweaks to her diet.

Here is what Denise has to say about her journey so far

“When I first came to Brightside the main thing I wanted to work on was losing weight because of my high blood pressure. The doctors wanted me to go back on statins but I said no, I was not having that! That is when I decided I had to do something about my weight.  My start weight was 13st 13lbs and I am now 9st 12lbs! I was size 18 when I started and now fit comfortably in to a size 12.  I had tried several things before but had never had the type of support that I have had at Brightside.  It’s taught me a lot about how to eat healthier as well as how to exercise more regularly and keep it going”


Step 1- Goal Setting

Wanting to lose weight is great. However, until you make it specific, measurable and have a timeframe to achieve it by, losing weight is just an idea or dream.

With Denise, as we do with all our clients, we helped her set a specific goal and had several ways of measuring this. We went from ‘I’d like to lose weight to lower my blood pressure’ to ‘I will lose 4 stone before the end of the year’. We then broke the goal down into smaller monthly and weekly targets for Denise to aim towards. This then reduced any room for procrastination.

As well as tracking weight, we also tracked fitness tests in the gym and measurements around waist, hips, chest, thighs, bicep and glutes. Scales will not always budge, but losing inches can still = dropping clothes sizes and having a healthier body.


Step 2 – Having a plan and Structure

Now that we had specific and measurable goals set in place we put a plan of action together, including an exercise regime, healthy recipes and a weekly structure.

For example, a weekly structure consists of targets such as: each week you will need to exercise for 150 minutes in total = 30 total minutes per session spread out over 5 days a week (this is just a hypothetical example).

Step 3 – Accountability and support

Step 1+2 are all some people need. But most people will find that having a form of accountability and support will help take them from doing ok and not being that happy with results, to taking great action and being over the moon with their results.  

We were there to help guide Denise on what to eat to see results with her weight, blood pressure and to help her feel good.  This all included still being able to eat the foods she enjoys and having meals out with family.


Step 4 – Regular weigh in and measurements

We set dates for weigh-ins and measurements: this then helped fuel Denise’s motivation. Once she had started to see the pounds drop off and had begun to feel fitter, she knew it worked and wanted to do even more!


Step 5 – Progress

It is all good and well having a routine and structure in place. However, doing the same old exercises and eating the same old thing is not too exciting. As Denise progressed in how her clothes were fitting and how much she could do in and out of the gym, we also progressed her workouts and recipes.  This kept exercise + eating enjoyable and meant that Denise continued to have something to look forward to and aim towards.


So Denise what is next?

“Well I’ve seen my Doctor and he was very happy with the progress I have made. Now I am aiming for 9st 5lbs and to continue toning up. Then we will see from there”

Do you want to finally see results with losing weight in 2018? Drop us a message for a free consultation: